Month: May 2021

Competition Result -Ladies Cup

Message from the secretary
Firstly congrats to Martin Harris for winning the Ladies Cup👏👏
Secondly, I have just entered all the cards and 6 were INCORRECT. Members MUST CHECK THEIR MEDAL SCORE AT THE END OF THE ROUND!!!!! I will accept that some people cannot work out how Stableford scoring works but 6 out of 22 is frankly ridiculous. Please take 5 minutes at the end of the round to check your card

Steve Reed

Limits on bookings increased

In summary

  • You can now have 3 future tee time bookings in the next 7 days plus a booking for ‘today’.
  • Guests are still Monday to Thursday only.
  • Tee time booking arrangements after 21 June are still under consideration.

Easing of the booking limit

We are conscious that members are finding the limit of 2 future bookings restrictive, particularly when trying to fix knockout matches.  Although the course is now fuller with societies and guests returning, there are still spaces to play on most days, and the days are still getting longer, so we are increasing the limit on future bookings from 2 to 3 with immediate effect.   Competition bookings (other than knockouts) are not counted within this limit.

Message from our Captain

Well done to our two recent winners, Joe Reed in the Eddie Bovingdon Trophy and Danny Tucker in the Jardine Cup. Match sheets are now up for our first two competitive games on the changing room display boards. Firstly, players required for an away match against the parent club for the Lidgley Shield on Sat 22nd May, 11:30 tee. Secondly a friendly home fixture against Harewood Downs on Sat 29th May, 4pm tee (No food).
Keep on swinging and thank you all for your continued support.


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