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Letter to Beaconsfield GC Members

COVID-19 – the lifting of restrictions!
As anticipated the government has today confirmed that almost all current
restrictions, including the need for mandatory track and trace, are being lifted on 19
July. We have taken account of England Golf’s latest guidance and will return the
club to the pre-pandemic ways of operating as far as possible from next week.
However please note, this does not mean that all risks from COVID have gone
away, so please do not come to the club if you have symptoms of COVID and
please be respectful of others regarding their level of comfort with changing social
distancing guidance. Bar and catering staff will continue to take regular lateral flow
tests. Sanitising stations will remain in place and we encourage you to continue to
use them.
Booking arrangements will change from Tuesday 20 July
As the government only approved the removal of restrictions today, we are leaving
the booking system in place and honouring bookings that have been made for
Monday 19 July. If you wish to play on or before Monday 19 July, you should make
a booking.
The booking system will be removed for general play from Tuesday 20 July and we
will revert to members being able to turn up and play without a booking unless the
tee is reserved for a competition, match, society etc. Lists of starting times are
shown on pages 6 & 7 of your diary and the summer starting times can be found
here [link to summer starting times].
Please do remember to check the online diary for any bookings of the 1st tee as this
will contain the latest information. Specific reminders: Course maintenance is taking
place from Monday 19 July to Wednesday 21 July and we will be using temporary
greens during this period. The Seniors’ Friday roll-up has now moved to 10.30
(although it is at 11.00 on 23 July because of a ladies’ match).
Course equipment and local rules
We will return rakes to the bunkers after course maintenance and you will once
again be able to remove the flagstick when putting if you prefer to. The Covid
related changes to the rules of golf and all handicapping provisions that enabled the
game to be played competitively during the period in which restrictions have been
set are removed – so the return of rakes means no more pick and place in the
In the clubhouse
The requirement to wear a mask while moving around in the clubhouse is being
removed, but you should still free to wear a mask if you wish to and please continue
to use the sanitising stations.
The bar and catering staff will be lateral flow testing daily, and there will be a robust
cleaning and sanitising regime around the clubhouse and locker rooms.
There will be no requirement for table service but do remember that you can order
on the IG app if you wish to. You will be able to sit at tables in groups of more than 6
or two households.
In these early stages of the return to normality we will continue with allowing the
changing of shoes in the car park and relaxed dress code for certain functions.
Practice facilities
Bookings are not required from Tuesday 20 July onwards.
Please respect the practice greens and do not use them, particularly the Luke
Donald green, as long-range pitching targets. Should you make any pitch marks,
please repair them.
Project Restart completed?
We are conscious that we have sent out over 30 notes to the club as we have
sought to deal with the necessary restrictions and then ease our way out of
them. There have of course been setbacks along the way, and we thank members
for taking the time to read our notes, your patience and compliance with the many
rules that we had to put in place and kept tweaking, and for the many supportive
messages that we have received over the last year or so. The club will continue to
monitor COVID infections in the local area and take any precautions advised should
the guidance change. Is this really the last of the many Project Restart
messages? We are not counting our chickens, but we do hope so!
Nick Cray and Sue Schmidt

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