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September and October

We have been busy during the late summer. A successful work morning was carried out on Sept 26th, cleaning the outside furniture , roof and various jobs in the clubhouse.

We’ll done to Gary Hobbs. A score of +5 to win the Nancy Mitchell Trophy. Congratulations also to Danny Tucker for a hole in one at the 5th((9iron)

Hats off to Martin Harris for winning the Absent Friends trophy with a fabulous 43 points. Only 3 cards wrong, , not too bad but improvement can be made.

The Jardine Barrel (Three clubs and a putter) was won by our Secretary Steve Reed. He was heard to say that it was useful to use more clubs than normal

The annual presentation dinner was a great success. Beaconsfield Captain gave a speech in which he underlined our good relationship with the parent club and vice versa. He gave us all the news regarding clubhouse and course improvements and plans for the future. It was very well recieved by our members. Prize giving was very competitive, with Danny Tucker getting his usual quota byt barking at his heels were Martin Harris and Mick Monahan with 5 apiece I believe

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